There’s one key to choosing the right piano mover. Experience. And Morris Moving & Storage has it. We’ve been moving uprights, spinets, as well as baby and concert grands for over one hundred years across New York City, Westchester and beyond.Our moving crews have experience moving pianos into and out of every type of building, from narrow walk-up apartments to residential houses, and office lobbies. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a company that’s been providing four generations of reliable and dependable moving services.

Correctly packing and transporting antiques and fine art requires caring, experienced and skilled movers. Any pair of hands can negotiate the process of moving books, mattresses, and toaster ovens. Our personnel take pride in applying their expertise to moving valuable, rare, and antique items. The majority of our client moves involve multiple works of art and antiques. Over half of the moves we perform involve antiques and art.Whether your move includes intricate sculpture, fragile glasswork, impressionist paintings, or Victorian curios, there is no material or piece of furniture so delicate that our crews have not safely moved it on numerous prior occasions. When it comes time to move your precious items, please consider Morris Moving. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience needed to pack and move your valuable art and antiques collections safely and without incident.