Declutter and Organize!

So you just hung up the phone with Jacob, you’ve decided to go with Morris Movers, New York’s Boutique Mover, for your upcoming move in New York (good choice!). Now there’s just the pre-move preparation left before over a team with years and years of experience helps you peacefully and easily relocate your life. But… Continue reading

Rich People Movers? No Way!

Recently someone asked me if I’d classify Morris Moving as “movers for the 1%”, to which I had to slam the brakes and give an adamant “No Way!” For those who’ve placed us in their mental banks as “rich people movers”, please allow me to clarify. Many have heard me saying things such as “our… Continue reading

It’s Your Move, Not a Pizza!

Nowadays, hiring a mover is as simple as ordering food online. All you have to do is type “Moving Company in New York City” on Google, enter your ideal move date and where you’re moving from and to, and you’re immediately presented with a list of prices from the movers of New York. People are… Continue reading

New York Times’ Moving Article

Recently The New York Times published an article called Pack the Box. Leave the Stress in the Real Estate section about the complications of moving, and offered some tips. While I can’t tell you why they wouldn’t come to New York’s boutique mover for moving pro-tips, we’re happy to offer them to you anyway, especially… Continue reading

New York’s “Boutique” Mover

Jacob has long since described Morris Moving & Storage as being a “boutique mover”, but what does that actually mean? Webster’s Dictionary defines a boutique company as “a small company that offers highly specialized services or products.” We consider ourselves boutique because in addition to our moving services, we do so much more. But rather… Continue reading

You Are Important!

  In Dale Carnegie’s infamous book, How to Win Friends & Influence People, the world was taught a timeless lesson, “make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely”. Think about your experience the last time you used the services of a large company. Did you genuinely feel important? Valued? Would they have… Continue reading

“Premier Agent” Fiasco: The What & How

The popular real estate listing services StreetEasy & Trulia, under the Zillow umbrella, are extremely popular amongst New York City buyers/renters. They hold 2/3 share of the online real estate market. (comScore Media Metrix, Key Measures [Local Market], December 2016, U.S.). These sites have, however, drawn the ire of numerous NYC real estate agents with… Continue reading

When our “Things” become “Valuables”

We’ve all seen (or experienced first-hand) the resourcefulness that many college kids implement when moving: their mattresses tied to the roof of the car and every square inch of space inside occupied by the big black garbage bags containing everything they own. By employing this ingenuity, these kids saved some serious cash, usually hard to come… Continue reading

Should you hire a Professional Organizer for your move?

Professional Organizing companies help clients develop systems to structure their lives and life-transitions. The clients’ homes are de-cluttered and organized, and every aspect of their move is taken care of from start to finish. While all customers we work with have preferences as to how their move should be done, there are clients who are… Continue reading

Morris Moving’s New Team Member

Hello All! My name is Miles Cutler and I am the newest member of the Morris Moving team. I’d like to introduce myself, and explain why I chose Morris Moving. I originally hail from Scranton, PA, but spent the bulk of my life in Fair Lawn, NJ. I attended my mother’s alma mater, Fairleigh Dickinson University… Continue reading