Subtle Energy, Profound Effects: How Feng Shui Affects Your Home

Have you ever walked into a home, and as you’re walking around, you get a weird feeling in your gut, as if something doesn’t feel right about it? That’s because of the home’s energy, according to Feng Shui expert Josiah Bouricius. Prospective homebuyer’s decisions are made based more on intuition than reason and fact. They will purchase… Continue reading

The Moving Industry’s Bad Rep

Let’s face it. The moving industry has a horrible reputation. Items routinely get broken or stolen, inexperienced movers show up at your home, the company is uncommunicative, your total was way above your estimate, or worse, your items are held hostage until you pay more. For a great example of an all-time terrible move, check… Continue reading

Don’t Settle for “Hopefully”

So now that you’ve closed on that new home of your dreams, it’s time to hire a great mover. Naturally you’re going to go to Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and ask your friends for recommendations for movers. When you’re researching those huge moving companies, and you see amazing reviews, keep in mind that those people… Continue reading

TRD Forum 3: Star-Studded Finale

With the crowd at “The Real Deal Real Estate Forum and Showcase” all warmed up by two previous, dare I say… fiery… panel discussions, the final forum of the day brought together 5 of the most influential realtors in New York City, Richard Steinberg of Douglass Elliman, Dolly Lenz, Ryan Serhant of Nest Seekers Intl,… Continue reading

TRD Forum 2: Politics Divides NYC Developers

The Real Deal’s Real Estate Forum’s second panel featured notable (and strongly opinionated) New York City real estate developers discussing about the real estate market in the new administration. Needless to say, with the former Democratic Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, potential mayoral candidate, Don Peebles, and outspoken Republican (though formerly Democrat) billionaire CEO… Continue reading

TRD Forum 1: Corcoran Vs Elliman

“The Real Deal Real Estate Showcase and Forum” started off with a bang when the discussion between two of New York City’s most influential real estate giants, Pam Liebman of Corcoran, and Howard Lorber of Douglas Elliman traded jabs, compliments, opinions, and enthralled the crowd of a couple thousand. The discussion, moderated by The Real… Continue reading

Declutter and Organize!

So you just hung up the phone with Jacob, and you’ve decided to go with Morris Moving for your upcoming move in New York (good choice!). But before our team helps you peacefully and easily relocate your life., there’s a major task to be done: PACKING! Packing is easily one of the hardest, most time-consuming,… Continue reading

Rich People Movers? No Way!

Recently someone asked me if I’d classify Morris Moving as “movers for the 1%”, to which I had to slam the brakes and give an adamant “No Way!” For those who’ve placed us in their mental banks as “rich people movers”, please allow me to clarify. Many have heard me saying things such as “our… Continue reading

It’s Your Move, Not a Pizza!

Nowadays, hiring a mover is as simple as ordering food online. All you have to do is type “Moving Company in New York City” on Google, enter your ideal move date and where you’re moving from and to, and you’re immediately presented with a list of prices from the movers of New York. People are… Continue reading

New York Times’ Moving Article

Recently The New York Times published an article called Pack the Box. Leave the Stress in the Real Estate section about the complications of moving, and offered some tips. While I can’t tell you why they wouldn’t come to New York’s boutique mover for moving pro-tips, we’re happy to offer them to you anyway, especially… Continue reading